Meet Flix,
The most Advanced and Feature-Rich Discord Bot to Exist.
No, really.

Why Flix?

Moderation and Flexibility Like Never Before.

Flix is designed and tested from the ground up to work from the smallest of just friend-only servers to the biggest, most complex and popular servers, with versatility and ease-of-use in mind.

Flix Premium

Support Flix's Development and get a bunch of Goodies in return!

Active Development

Flix is constantly being actively developed by two developers along with a fantastic team, so you get the latest and greatest features!

Flexible Use

With a suite of commands for every server, Flix is ideal for all use-cases, from strict moderation to music services!

Free to Use

As always, Flix will always have all core features available to everyone for free, forever!

Open Source

You can always find all of Flix's code on Github, and allowing you to even use it commercially!

Stop waiting.

Start Flixing.

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